The principal objectives of the International Academy of Science and Technologies are:

  • promoting the development of science and education around the world
  • organizing, promoting, and coordinating fundamental and applied scientific research
  • promoting international cooperation in the field of science and education and the integration of scientists from different countries into a united world scientific community

Within the framework of the tasks set before the International Academy of Science and Technologies, large-scale research is constantly being carried out concerning the development of the theoretical base in the field of fundamental sciences and the development of fundamentally new technologies on its basis.

The International Academy of Science and Technologies provides scientific, methodological and informational support for fundamental and applied research in various fields.

Particular attention is paid to professional ethics in research, promising methods of development and effective use of natural resources, environmental preservation and sustainable development.

One of the main directions of the Academy’s work is to assist researchers in publishing scientific papers in journals indexed in leading databases (Scopus, Web of Science, etc.) in order to present the obtained results to the international community.