Education programs

Software engineering

Students study the design and development of software products and projects using data analysis and machine learning methods, as well as creating and working with software documentation. During the training, students learn to manage a team of performers in developing software products. Under the program, leading technical specialists, software developers and architects, project managers, and software quality managers are trained. The need for such specialists is dictated by the needs of the industry: the opening of IT technology parks, the rapid development of the offshore and custom programming market, the informatization of government agencies, the expansion of the scope of artificial intelligence, and the needs of private business.

Information security

The program prepares bachelors in information security in computer systems and networks. During the training, students master software, hardware and technical means of protecting information, acquire skills in working with regulatory documents, study cryptography, and learn how to correctly assess threats. They have the opportunity to apply knowledge in practice in a specialized laboratory. On this program, students study cryptography and gain in-depth knowledge of mathematics. Students learn how to find channels of information leakage and eliminate them, how to improve enterprise information security and work with documents, and programming in C ++, C #, Java and Python.

Technical systems control

The program focuses on training training specialists in the field of integrated automation of production processes. Students study computer-aided design systems and a three-level model of an enterprise information infrastructure:

  • Process equipment control level — SCADA systems
  • Operational production planning level — MES systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning level — ERP Systems

The study of the design and operation of technical systems is considered a set of tools for supporting production processes when creating a single information space of an enterprise. The study of means and methods for monitoring and scheduling technological processes, automation systems based on programmable logic controllers, the process of designing SCADA systems, the basics of building industrial networks and interfaces.


The program aims to train bachelors in fundamental physics. The junior courses (Course 1 and Course 2) offer a serious base of mathematical disciplines and general physics. Course 3 and Course 4 offer theoretical physics disciplines and special courses taught by researchers from leading world universities. The peculiarity of the program is also in the fact that already in the 3rd year, students begin engaging in research activities for acquiring research skills.


Developed taking into account modern knowledge in the field, the practice-oriented program Biotechnology is for training highly-qualified specialists in modern biology and biotechnology. Students will receive fundamental knowledge in mathematics, general, inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry, and bioinformatics, including students’ real research work throughout their studies.